About World Music Charts Europe

THE WMCE were founded in May 1991 by 11 radio-producers from 11 countries on behalf of the World Music Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).



Once a month radio-Worldmusic-specialists from twentyfour European countries select their individual top ten favourites out of current Worldmusic releases from their playlists and mail them to Brno, Czech republic (to Berlin from 1991 to 2020). The nominations are processed in a data-base and the Top 20 is then published as the WORLD MUSIC CHARTS EUROPE. Only actually released recordings will be displayed in the WMCE.

The Jury:

Only producers and presenters who are running a regular Worldmusic program (typicaly one hour per week) in a legal FM radio network in Europe are admitted to the jury (called "The Panel"). Members of the European Broadcasting Union are preferred. There is no quota for countries, but no radio shall be represented by more than three presenters of Worldmusic programs. Each program may only be represented by one person.

The Budget:

The WMCE are a not-for-profit activity. The various costs are covered by sponsors. Financial responsibility is taken by Gift Music GmbH (Germany). From December 2020 onwards responsibility is shared with Radio Proglas (Czech Republic).


The charts are played throughout Europe in various radio stations. The official colourprint is displayed in many shops. The top ten is reprinted regularly in various countries and displayed on plenty websites. You may find it in teletext systems too. Reprint of the WMCE can only be licensed by the secretary but is free of charge. The reprint is only allowed in combination with the naming of the copyright "copyright by Radio Proglas".

The Office:

Founder of the WMCE is Johannes Theurer. From December 2020 onwards the Secretary (reponsible editor and publisher) of the WMCE is Milan Tesar. He is backed up by Radio Proglas and the German company Gift Music GmbH. For more information you may contact Milan Tesar at:

or contact:

Radio Progals - Milan Tesar
Olomoucka 7
61800 Brno
Czech Republic

Fon +420 736 510 842