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Chart archive

May 2017

Previous position Months in Top 20
Position up Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng Orchestra Baobab, Senegal Buy: 1 4 6
Position up 1000 can die King Ayisoba, Ghana Buy: 2 3
Position up Al Jamilat Yasmine Hamdan, Lebanon Buy: 3 3
Position down Republique Amazone Les Amazones d'Afrique, various countries Buy: 4 1 3
Position down Kidal Tamikrest, Mali Buy: 5 2 3
Position up Samba Vieux Farka Toure, Mali Buy: 6 3
Position up Svalan Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström, Finland/Sweden Buy: 7 6
Position up Agitator Hartyga feat. Albert Kuvezin, Russia Buy: 8 2
Position down Luyando Mokoomba, Zimbabwe Buy: 9 7 2
Position down Pustvopol Katarina Malikova, Slovakia Buy: 10 8 3
Position down Ensen Emel, Tunesia Buy: 11 6 2
Position up Targ Bargou 08, Tunesia Buy: 12 17 3
Position up Lotto Infinito Enzo Avitabile, Italy Buy: 13 1
Position up Melanie L'Orchestre Afrisa International, DR Congo Buy: 14 2
Position up Build Music Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang, Sierra Leone Buy: 15 1
Position down Synthesize the Soul - Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica From the Cape Verde Islands 1973-1988 various artists, various/Cape Verde Buy: 16 3 2
Position down La Voz indomita Mariem Hassan, Western Sahara Buy: 17 10 4
Position down Djunta Kudjer Elida Almeida, Cape Verde Buy: 18 14 2
Position down Archivo Pittoresco Lula Pena, Portugal Buy: 19 12 6
Position down Darandi Aurelio, Honduras Buy: 20 5 3