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DJ: Jose Miguel Lopez

Radio Nacional de España

Jose Miguel Lopez

Discópolis is an open and cosmopolitan voyage to the world of music. It is one of the favourite shows of spanish audience. It is broadcasted by Radio 3, Radio Nacional de Espana, dialy in prime time from 19:00 to 20:00h all over Spain, half Portugal and Southamerica via satellite. It started January 5th, 1987 and it is one of the classic musical shows in spanish radio.

In Discópolis you can find every kind of music: all musics are equal, but there is not one more equal than other. Ethno-beat, alternative rock, flamenco, pure jazz, songwriters, and so on. There is only one thing required: creativity. Since twelve years ago a lot of musicans have been at the Discópolis studios in Madrid: Franco Battiato, Carmen Linares, Kepa Junkera, Khaled, Ketama, Radio Tarifa, Marta Sebastyan, Ah Farka Toure, Celtas Cortos, Silvio Rodriguez, Toquinho...but also Robert Fripp (for an hour interview!!!) and other rock stars.

Discópolis is directed and introduced by José Miguel López, one of the members of this WMCE pannel. José Miguel López was born in Haro (Rioja) in 1953. Journalist, works for Radio Nacional de Espana since 1977. He is a musical specialist. He writes collaborations for the mains spanish musical reviews. He was producer for five years (1984-88) at the UER/EBU in popular music. He is author of: Robert Fripp-King Crimson: 25 years of high risk (Guia de Ia Musica 1995) and Celtas Cortos a biography (SGAE 1993). But his main writtings are on several encydopedias: 30 years of spanish popular music, Songwriters, Tropical Music, Ethno-Beat (Ritmos Étnicos), Great familiar discotheque, History of Pop...

Now he is writting for a multimedia encyclopedia Micronet Universal the musical section with focal points at flamenco, ethno-beat and spanish jazz. (All works only in spanish). Also he is one of the most known lecturer in alternative music and introducer at the stage in some main popular festivals: Luna Celta, Alberite Folk, Mestizo de Elche...