DJ: Ahmet Ulug

Acik Radyo / Radyo Babylon

I am one of three founding partners of Pozitif (1989 concerts & festivals), Babylon (1999 venue), Doublemoon (1997 label). I am also one of the 66 founders of Acik Radyo in Istanbul (non-profit radio). My radio show Obur Dunya was originally broadcast on Acik Radyo from 1995 to 2005, whch I had to quit when I became father to twins and Pozitif, Babylon and Doublemoon were taking all my time. In 2018 I have retired from all my responsibilities in the cooperatelife and started designing my new path in music world. I still program the Akbank Jazz Festival, work with a few non-profits and do consultancy.

I have a weekly 60 min show in Acik Radyo called Öbür DÜNYA, broadcast on Sundays. No more active prjects for Acik Radyo, but I do mentoring to the young people, especially with new music.