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Compiled on behalf of the Worldmusic Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) by Johannes Theurer.

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DJ: Marten Holm

I play worldmusic every monday in a program on Yle Radio Vega (Akustisk Monday) between 21.10-23.00 (Fin.Time).
And we play worldmusic in other programs on Radio Vega too. Café Continental, Groove Thursday 21.10-23.00 (FinTime).
And quite often I contribute music to reports on recent events in different culture programs.

YLE Radio Vega

marten holm

Mårten Holm (Born 1964) Does a 1 hour show on Finish Broadcasting Company.Lira–folkmusic on Radio Vega. Monday  13.03-14.00 (Replay sunday 07.03-08.00).  It is a weekly radio show dedicated to all sorts of music that is rarely heard elsewhere, traditional and untraditional folkmusic from all over the world, most from the northern part of Europe! Focus lies on the presentation of new records but there are also interviews and reports from festivals and concerts.                                               

Mårten does another weekly show on radio; Kaffekvarnen, there he plays old Swedish tunes. Saturday 14.05-15.00 (Replay Monday 19.30-20.25). Has been running for 16 years (Started 2010).


YLE Radio Vega


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