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Compiled on behalf of the Worldmusic Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) by Johannes Theurer.

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DJ: Klaus Frederking


Klaus Frederking

Klaus Frederking has hosted „Radio Globo“, a weekly programme on NDR Info, since its inception in 1985. Its philosophy is loosely defined as: everything and anything outside Anglo-American pop and its soundalikes (whether you call it “world music” or not). NDR might be seen as the Northern German equivalent to the BBC, covering the area between the Dutch, Danish and Polish borders, and the federal state of Hessen in the South. “Radio Globo” is part of a daily programme slot, called “Nachtclub”, which presents popular music off the beaten track, or rarely heard elsewhere on the radio. Klaus also works regularly for other public service broadcasters in Germany, and occasionally writes for papers and magazines.